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“At Automated Integration we believe that the value of
the trust our customers have in our service goes beyond
anything that can be measured because it brings
along with it limitless opportunities and endless possibilities"

Manuel Salazar
CEO Automated Integration


A tactical communications system is a communications system that (a) is used within, or in direct support of tactical forces (b) is designed to meet the requirements of changing tactical situations and varying environmental conditions, (c) provides securable communications, such as voice, data, and video, among mobile users to facilitate command and control within, and in support of, tactical forces, and (d) usually requires extremely short installation times, usually on the order of hours, in order to meet the requirements of frequent relocation.

An Emergency communication system is any system (typically computer based) that is organized for the primary purpose of supporting the two way communication of emergency messages between both individuals and groups of individuals. These systems are commonly designed to integrate the cross-communication of messages between are variety of communication technologies.

Automated Integration, LLC can help you design and implement your control system. We can provide the services you require for your project starting with the generation of functional specifications, P&IDs and basic diagrams, to hardware selection and acquisition. In addition, we provide control panel design, fabrication, installation and commissioning services.

We have extensive knowledge of PCL networks, including Modbus, DH+, ControlNet. DeviceNet, Profibus, and Ethernet base Networks. We can assist in the selection of the networking protocol that best suites your application.

The PC is becoming more popular for control systems. We have experience with multiple PC control packages including Intellution (iFIX, FIX32, and FIX DMACS), Rs View, ECAVA, Wonderware and CiTect. In addition, we have experience in IEC-61131 programming standards such as ladder logic, function chart. We have worked with ethernet LAN’s and WAN’s, fiber optic and copper based network systems.

We provide programming services on many types of PLCs including Allen Bradley, Automation Direct, GE and Siemens. We have experience with SCADA systems, and plant-wide control systems. Whether you are making changes to an existing control scheme, upgrading outdated technology or replacing an old relay system, we have the capabilities you need. We can also design a control system from the ground up.

HMI's allow you to have a dedicated control interface for your process with high-speed communications and graphics. We can design control panel interfaces using a variety of preferred brands. We have worked with various HMIs.

Many of the control systems we work on involve integration with a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA). We have experience working with different software packages.

We work with you and your operators to develop the most functional and maintainable system possible with any software package you desire. We will customize the areas of historical data collection, alarming and reporting that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We have experience integrating drive systemswith many different PLC brands. Using PLCs with VFDs (Variable frequency drives) in various applications such as maintaining system pressure, reservoir levels or just the ability to change a process speed set point , the combination can provide a variety of solutions to problems that are not normally not available with fixed speed drives.

The PLC controllers we have used for this application are Allen Bradley, GE, Automation Direct, Siemens and IDEC Controllers. We also have extensive experience using VFDs from ABB, Allen Bradley, DanFoss, Cutler-Hammer, Robicon and Baldor.


We are a System Integrator for Automation Direct

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